The Proteomics Core will provide a comprehensive range of Proteomics services for a fee.

– Design, performance and analysis of proteomic studies;

– Proteome profiling in biological fluids and tissues;

– Protein identification;

– Post-translational modification analysis;

– Peptide sequencing.

We have the capabilities to pursue other techniques, such as MALDI Imaging and SILAC, on a collaborative basis, not as a service from the Core.

Our equipment is connected to powerful bioinformatics tools that will help the user mining, filtering and capturing meaningful proteomics data.

The Proteomics Core will also provide to investigators consulting service by key members of the core in order to assess the rationale and feasibility for undertaking specific projects, designing proteomic studies, process and protocol development, proteomic data analysis, and the interpretation of results in in-house computers. Extensive data analysis that requires more complex bioinformatics may be performed by the Proteomics core personnel for an extra fee. We strongly recommend prior consultation with the Biostatistics & Data Management Core Facility for best outcome in the case of large datasets or complex experimental designs.

NOTE: When substantial input and effort is required from our Core crew in order to perform and analyze you data, authorship is expected on scientific journal articles or presentations. Reimbursement via fee-for-service for such work does not preclude or replace authorship.